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Sky Burial

Sky Burial

Sky burial is to feed the vuture with the body. After the vulture finishes eating the body and fly into the sky, the Tibetan people think that the dead man will go to the heaven.

The sky burial is held at the sky burial spot. There is a fixed place in different places. After one man dies, his body will be held for several days when thelamas are invited to chant scripture and select someday to hold the funeral.

On the day of funeral, it is quite early when someone is hired to carry the body to the sky burial spot. the man in charge of the sky burial burns incense first. Junst then, the vultures gather there as they see the smoke.Then the man undressed the dead man and cut the body into pieces. The bones are pounded into pieces,too. Tsampas is used to mix the pieces.At last, the man whistles to call the vulture to eat the pieces, without anything left.

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