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Tibetan Ornaments

Tibet, the roof of the world, the magic of snow-covered plateau. Rolling snow-capped mountains, mysterious religion, industrious people. Unique culture made her a lot of people dream of heaven. Tibetan culture fair
Big and deep, bright and thick, simple and content, color and style ... ... Let it represents infinite

Tibetan Ornaments

In the long history, typical of Tibetans through the Tibetan yak bone, Tibetan silver, coral, agate, totem worship of Tibetan copper polished their from generation to generation: Tibetan ornaments. Beautiful Tibet ornaments are born with magical conferred by that piece of land. Natural stone, coral, animal bones of making Tibetan ornaments, silver is the main raw material, is that these practical materials, rough appearance it has connotations of exquisite. Small patterns, enchasing, mosaics, are cleverly hidden ornaments in the form of design style, the ancient, and gives off a strong flavor. All Tibetan ornaments are hand-finished, a lot of Tibetan ornaments are lamas in the temple to build out, each piece is unique.
Tibetan jewelry materials
Tibet is a nation with a long history, and in the long river of history, creating a wealth of material wealth and the spiritual wealth, but Tibetans may focus more on the latter. Age facing snow-capped mountains, grasslands and starry night, thought the resulting, with their dexterous hands, through the unique tri-color stones in the Tibetan areas, agate, bone of yaks, Tibetan silver, Tibetan copper polished their totem worship---reservoir ornaments from generation to generation, illustrating the "Om mani padme hum", and firmly believe that Tibetan decorations can bring them luck, and peace, happiness and joy!
Yak bone
In Tibetan people's thinking, and their lives of the yak is a beautiful sacred animal, Mani people yak skulls inscribed with Scripture on the heap as a sacrifice, at the same time, there is a unique set of yak bone ornaments, original nature, rough bold and unconstrained, giving the wearer added a wild charm!

Turquoise is the birthstone of December. Is considered to be a charm of love; love infidelity, its color will change. It miniaturized and are on the verge of death, which still represent the friendship and loyalty. If you find that the color lighten, just stay away from it after a few weeks back to its glory. Turquoise brings success and luck, especially worn with the Sapphire. Turquoise promotes cell regeneration protect against pollutants and strong body. Silver Spoon – lucky Green
Tibetan Ornaments green
Organic gemstones
Red coral stone, amber, pearls are known as organic gem, shaped like trees, grows in 200--2000 meters in the deep sea. 20 up to one inch, 300 years a kilo, solid texture, beautiful beautiful, more beauty beauty, promoting blood circulation and effect of improving eyesight. Precious jewelry red coral can be carved into a few varieties such as deep red, pink, white, such as Crimson as the best, price is the most expensive. Are distinguished, elegant and eye-catching, is good luck, peace, protection of representative.
Editing motto words some Tibetan jewelry described in this paragraph

According to six words proverbs is goddess see beings suffered so suffering tortured, large sad heart up, fell six drops tears, cemented spell "en why does services meters coaxed" "en", said "Buddha Department heart", that read this words Shi, own of body to should Yu Buddha body, mouth to should Yu Buddha mouth, meaning to should Yu Buddha meaning, body, and mouth, and meaning and Buddha into one, to obtained achievements; "why does" Sanskrit meaning for "ruyi treasure", said "treasure Department heart", is said to have this treasure from King brain in the, if was this treasure, into sea can no treasure does not poly, mountain can no Jane shall not, so and name " Poly treasure ";" services meters ", burned text meaning for" Lotus ", said" Lotus Department heart ", to this metaphor law sexual as Lotus as pure impeccable;" coaxed ", said" diamond Department heart ", pray achievements of mean, meaning for must relies on Buddha of forces, to are" are sleep ", achievements all, Salvation, last reached into Buddha of wishes.
Eight auspicious
Tibetan language known as "zhaxidajie", eight patterns (white conch, knot, royalty and Aquarius, Po Golden wheel building, fish, Lotus, triumph) representing a different meaning and a unique blessing, is a Tibetan painting in one of the most common and gives profound meaning combined painting products. Most occurrences in mural form, there is a small amount of carving and shaping of three-dimensional shape, symbol of the eight mascots are closely related to the Buddha or Dharma.
In homes, the temples of Tibetan scroll painting of murals and traditional "Thangka", there is a common picture, called "four brothers", namely: elephants, monkeys, rabbits and sheep and chickens. Language also known as Buddha "and the four Swiss", according to tradition, these four animals to respect one another, each other mutual assistance, harmony, peace, and the land yields good harvest and the people enjoy good health.
For translation of convenience, reduced to "four brothers." According to Tibetan literal translation, should be "intimate and harmony with the four brothers". That is, they not only were four brothers, and should be "intimate and harmonious manner," "four brothers".

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