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Wedding Customs

Wedding traditions in Tibet
The Tibetan ethnic culture are unique in China. Tibetan marriage customs are also special. Wedding ceremony in Tibet is different in different regions of Tibet. Here we only talk about wedding customs common in Tibet.

Proposal in Tibetan Marriage Customs
The proposal is the first step of marriage. Traditionally, if a man is interested in the lady is, they will try to age, date of birth and her and attribute zodiac her (such as mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, or pig). Has all the information on hand, they will consult astrologist to see attributes her is appropriate with them. If both zodiac matched, family other will choose a day auspicious and the matchmaker is to visit family I of the proposed formal, with gifts such khatag, tea butter yak, alcoholic made from barley and gift others. If the family agree, they will accept gifts. Nowadays, freedom to choose a spouse prevail in Tibet.

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Operating in Tibetan Marriage Customs
If both parties agree to the marriage, they will choose another day auspicious change in the operation. The ceremony will be held at the lady's house and should be attended by representatives of both families and witnesses head. Today especially that family men send gifts Khatag and other members of the family lady all. Nature of the operation is more about respect for each other and love, show piety filial for elders, moral good or inheriting fortune in the future, and after witnesses to check the contract betrothed crimes latter, they will sign contracts with the forces of the two families Through them both. Last lady's family will hold a banquet to celebrate the occasion so. At the end of the banquet, each to be presented with Khatag Trace.
Tibetan Wedding Ceremony

Before the wedding, the next best will be chosen for the wedding ceremony and the groom family. In the early days of the wedding ceremony, the groom suits sent nice clothes and hair ornament tied with silk on the bride for wearing. The day of the wedding, the groom will find someone with a good reputation for taking a group of people with colorful arrows decorated with mirrors jades and jewels, decorated with soft horse whose color matches pregnancy birthpet grandmother grandmother's house. the bride to Qiema as farewell ceremony before the groom arrives. As regards the bride party arrives, colorful arrow will be plugged back to the bride and jade will be put on his head to show the bride now belongs to the bridegroom. maid bride from the bride is sent to escort her in greeting party. When the bride leaves the man of the family of a bride holding colorful arrow in one hand and a sheep in one foot, standing at any position on the call, "do not take away the family fortune" to the greeting party bride is out of sight.
convoy is usually led by astrologist, who wears a white coat. He rides on a white horse, and holds a picture of the Court of Nine and Eight Figures. Following behind is a welcoming, bride, bride maid accompanied by his side, and finally the members of the groom at the end. whole team singing loudly all the way when the bride weeps for her separation from her family.
On the way, the family of the groom is waiting beside the road in a toast to the party greeting three times. If you come across patients is done, the people who are dumping rubbish or carrying an empty basket, greeting party deems it as bad jinx. If so, the monks should be invited to chant scriptures for removing bad luck after the wedding day. All members are singing greeting XieQin in continuous grandmother when she cried.
Before the arrival of the bride, the groom would gate decorated with river barleys placed in front of his house. the river is covered with a piece of colored cloth embroidered, on which are some kernels in the shape of swastika propitious. His family members welcome the bride and chang and chemar (propitious funneled box and barleys and paste the image into different Tsambas and butter stuck on).
Upon arrival at the groom's house, the bride has to tramp on the road and barleys and tea, symbolizing the harvest he is bringing into the family. After accepting Khatag presented by groom, she entered the house. bride and groom then sit together in the living room to receive goodwill, Khatag and other gifts from strangers. The new nobility sent their room, where Lama read the Sutra bless. family has a feast for guests. Friends and relatives will be singing and dancing and celebrating. At night, they played a couple games funny tease. In some wealthy families, wedding ceremony in Tibet can last for as long as thirty days, but generally lasts for three days or two days.

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Usually 3 or 6 months after the marriage, the new nobility will visit the bride's parents. bride's family has to prepare barleys, pictures and other swastika welcome to share Khatag, yak butter tea, chemar and other gifts for everyone. So only entire wedding in Tibet considered completed.

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