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Rite of Passage for Tibetan Girls

In some parts of Tibet, girl, 17 years of age is considered adulthood. At this point, parents have held for her daughter "above" ceremony. Which means already adult, modified adult ceremony held practices. Ceremony time is normally held in the possession of the evening of that day. Adult etiquette-this day, parents ready to beautiful clothes for her daughter and a variety of decorations, headwear, jewellery, necklaces, chain belts, and so on, and daughter invited a cosmetic expertise in women hair dressing.

Pastoral girl comb as a child two braids, 44 years old three braids to comb, combed five or six portrayed the age of 66, reached the age of 17 "top", it had combed dozens of braids. This dress, symbol has come to is a sign of young men could pursue, such signs of the girl, young men can have to woo her. Therefore, the "top" at the ceremony, friends and family have come to congratulate, and solemnly told the girl, from the "top" after these days is that adults, in their daily lives as a man, no matter what we do things are stable. This content is just as important and Han Chinese parents of their girls.

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