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Tibetan Name Tibetan name often has two words or four words. Most of them originate from the Buddhism works. So many Tibetan people have the same names. In order to tell the difference, Tibetan often add the old or the young, the character of the person, the birth place, the residence or his career title before their Tibetan names. When a baby is born, the parents ask the lama to name the baby. Most of the names are given by the Lama, which come from the Buddhism scripture, including some words symbolizing happiness or luck, for example, Tashi Phentso, Jime Tsering, etc. Four surnames are important in a persons life: fatherí»s, fathers mothers, mothers, and mothers mothers. If two persons surnames coincide at any level, they are relatives. This rule is not limited to the fathers surname: if one persons mothers surname is the same as anothers fathers surname, the two are also relatives. Related men of the same age group can call each other brother. When men and women with the same surname meet, however, they should be demure and cannot consider love or marriage. Such a rule was set by their forefathers and handed down over thousands of years. Nobody can alter or violate it. Genealogy is traced from parents and grandparents back six to eight generations. People with the same surname but from different families are considered to be linked by blood regardless of the generation. Most people observe these traditional rules. However, because some people do not pay much attention to surnames or are mistaken about them, they make jokes uninhibitedly or even fall in love and get married. In this case, relatives and friends will condemn them. If they are close relatives, they will be regarded as heretics who have soiled the familys good name. People will deride and insult them, making them feel too ashamed to show their faces. As for making friend, Tibetan stresses being "well-matched." A friend need not have similar economic status, but he must have an immaculate surname. The surnames of blacksmiths and butchers are generally thought to be unclean, although they are not related to blood ties. On the whole, Tibetans are very loyal to their family name. If a stranger moves in, it is necessary to know his surname. A person who does not know his own surname will suffer discrimination. It will be difficult for him to gain a foothold in the community and he cannot expect to mix and make friends. A Tibetan will never change his surname, wherever he goes, whatever happens. When visiting relatives or friends, chatting or joking, no matter how simple the occasion, how lively the atmosphere, the tone is always set by one factor a persons surname.

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