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A Mani stone pile near Lake Namtso

A Mani stone pile near  Lake Namtso

Namtso Lake is located on the north Tibetan grassland, more than 200 kilometers away from Lhasa. Rising 4,718 meters above the sea level and covering an area of 1,920 square kilometers, the lake has 70 kilometers in length from east to west and 30 kilometers in width from south to north. Meanwhile Namtso Lake is the second largest saltwater lake in China next to Qinghai Lake. It is also the highest saltwater lake in the world. Meaning Heavenly Lake in Tibetan, Namtso is a holy place for Tibetan Buddhism. Pilgrims come here from every corner of the Tibetan Autonomous Region to piously worship the lake.

Heavenly Lake Namtso

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